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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> a new $1 billion state of the art facility. getting sued because of your dog's breed? a van falls 100 feet off the new york highway. >> live, local, late breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news tonight. >> good evening, everyone. we begin with that highway accident. seven people including three children were killed when their van went out of control and careened off an elevated
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parkway, landing on the ground at the famous bronco. police are trying to piece together what happened. >> this wooded area hides the tragic scene that responders described as one of the worst they have ever seen on the job. >> i've been in the fire department 30 years and sometimes you come upon events that are perfect and this was one of them. >> the deputy chief said one crews made it through trees and vines, they found a ban upside down completely crushed. inside, seven people, the youngest and and and and the oldest 84. none of them made it out of this urban jungle alive. >> there was one in the tree- area. based upon their injury there was nothing we could do. >> one was a male and the other
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female.they we. they are related. but then somehow lost control and took a fatal plunge. >> it traveled over the railing and the distance of 75 or 80 feet before it came down and hit the ground. it fell 100 feet from the overpass. >> officials say it landed in a remote area. at no point or visitors, staff, or animals in harm's way. this accident has reached everyone in this corner. among the cheerful sound of a weekend ice cream truck, you can hear the gasps as passerby wonderbra -- aloud what went on -- wonder aloud what went on. >> a man died after being hit by a cab. he was hit overnight after he
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fell into the road. police say he and two friends were running. he fell into the road and the cab driver did not have enough time to stop. baltimore police on the scene of what they're calling a suspicious death. it happened in the 5500 block of belleville ave. one man was found responsive. the body was taken to the office of the medical examiner where officials will try to figure out how he died. after years of planning, hundreds of johns hopkins patients are getting settled into new rooms at the hospital's billion dollar state of the art facility. we have more. >> staff did several practice runs before the move. all the patients were transported to their new rooms at the latest edition of the hospital safely. >> tammy west is cutting the ribbon on the new hospital room at the bloomberg children's
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center at johns hopkins. she has bone cancer in has to travel to baltimore. this new facility is proving to be more convenient. >> it has been a haul with pushing her in a wheelchair and pulling the luggage. that would be easier. >> this new roommate -- room means she will be able to rest between sessions. >> i was having chemo. i probably would not mind if as much. >> she is one of hundreds who moved to the new center this weekend. well stepmom -- members transported patients, they kept a watchful eye. >> this was a group of people who are watching each patient move and we're looking for any problems that might occur. >> making sure we know which route the patients will move along. >> the new facilities will have
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bigger and a quiet patient rooms and have a bigger emergency room with access to other parts of the hospital and brand new state-of-the-art equipment. >> it feels like i will be part of history. >> the hospital opens to all patients this tuesday. a fight at an elks lodge ended in three men in the hospital. police say the men were stabbed at the lodge. emergency crews rushed all three to shock trauma. they're in stable condition. police looking for two suspects. anyone with information is asked to call police. some pit bull owners are not happy about a new court ruling. in the decision late last week, the court of appeals said owners of pit bulls were mixes are liable for damages if the dog
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attack somebody. the victims in the past had to prove the owners knew their dogs were dangerous. if you can show that boehner knew the dog was a pit bull, that would be sufficient to file a lawsuit. >> it does not make communities any safer. just like any sort of profiling. when you look at dogs based on appearance, that is not a predictor of aggressive behavior. you have to look at the full picture. >> opponents of the ruling say the law needs to be read- neutral. madam -- the attorney general may petition the u.s. supreme court after the state's highest court struck down part of a law that lets police connect -- collected dna evidence. collecting samples from some of the people arrested amounts to unreasonable search and seizure and is a violation of the fourth amendment. a ruling law enforcement, is detrimental. more fallout from the secret
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service prostitution scandal. the associated press is reporting that chaperones may be tagging along on future trips to make sure that tough new rules are enforced. the secret service will be taking senior level supervisors on some trips to make sure that agents and officers follow the new policy, which includes no entertaining foreign nationals in hotel rooms and no hanging out in a non-reputable establishment. >> these rules, while a good start, there will be more to come. congress wants to see the results of the investigation. >> agents are prohibited from drinking within 10 hours of being on a protective detail and not at all when on call. the standards went into effect as soon as they were announced. >> president obama got some laughs last night at the white
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house correspondents' dinner. some of the zingers or aimed at mitt romney. the race for the -- the white house is getting serious. >> at the correspondents' dinner, president obama entertained washington as a lister's took jabs at mitt romney. >> it is great to be here this magnificentthe vast, madnesse ballroom or what mitt romney would call a little fixer- uppers'. [laughter] that is a taste of what is the start of a political showdown. it is down to obama and romney. one on one. president clinton remind voters about president obama's decision to hunt down osama bin laden one year ago this week. >> he took the harder and the more honorable path.
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>> obama's campaign questions whether romney -- supporters are calling that a cheap shot. >> most americans will see it as sign of a desperate campaign. >> republicans are attacking the president's star power and substance. the gloves are coming off as the race gets serious. >> it has been a year since osama bin laden was captured and killed. brian williams is taking us on an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at this -- that historic night. >> when you look at it, what does it conjure up inside you? >> that is the way i look when my husband dragged me to an action movie. what it conjures up is the motions that were running through and every other person in that small group. it was an extraordinary
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experience. and a great privilege to be part of. >> you can catch the full hour behind the scenes conversation wednesday at 9:00 p.m. >> and has already been one year since the royal wedding in london? it has been a very busy year since that ceremony. the duke and duchess of cambridge. they spent their first anniversary in private. it is in sharp contrast from their lavish wedding. the couple has been in the public spotlight since they tied the knot. there is a lot of speculation about the possibility of a real baby. >> i believe it will start a family in their own time. >> many say they boosted the mottaki's popularity. even after one year on the world. the highest sage, the couple were -- still cook dinner and watch movies in their cottage in northern wales.
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not a bad day for one and a half walkathon. animal lovers gathered today. the 17th annual march for the animals. it is a yearly event. a fundraiser to support homeless animals in the baltimore community. there is a pack costume contest. all part of today's event. karr set on fire, chaos in the streets. this weekend marks the anniversary of the l.a. riots sparked by a police beating leading to nearly $1 billion in damage. >> history was made that night. we are here 20 years later. >> some say it feels like just yesterday. next, a look back at the chaos. >> a beautiful day but to the west, some strong storms and -- developing. we will talk about the week had forecast. the temperatures were 59.
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clear skies at the airport, a little cold.#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f
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>> almost a week of riots. today marks 20 years since the l.a. riots. much of the country watched that chaos after four loss angeles police officers were acquitted in the beating of rodney king. >> april 29, 1992. today many will remember -- never forget. >> there was one video that stands out in my mind. it was an auto shop. you hear the gunfire. >> this is the 20th anniversary of the loss angeles riots.
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protesters were outraged at the acquittal of four police officers in the caught on tape beating of suspect rodney king. rioters began to rampage in the street. >> it was really hot, really angry. the lapd had come out in full riot gear and set up a line. someone got an american flag. everyone grab a piece of that american flag and started pulling on it. >> the reds were bloody and costly. more than 50 people killed and $1 billion in damage. >> we were taking control of the city and i think that message got out to everyone. they saw what was happening. they decided. >> the officers were tried in federal court on civil rights charges. two were found guilty. the other two were acquitted. king was awarded more than $2
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million in his lawsuit. most valuable he says is the lesson learned. >> it is how to forgive so i can move on. >> 114 students were honored tonight at the carson scholars fund ceremony. funded by dr. benjamin carson and his wife. recognizing students with high academic achievement. the students from grade 4-11 received $1,000 college scholarships. >> the main thing to what the students to take away is the understanding that the person who has the most to do with what happens to you in life is you. >> gerry sandusky was on hand tonight. he received the sonia award. for demonstrating drive and perseverance.
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>> now your forecast with john collins. >> 70 was the high at the airport. inner harbor, 71. the normal high is 69. we are within a couple of degrees of being where we should be. that is not unusually warm. 41 to 46. 0.02 of 1 inch. today, it cannot beat it. it was wonderful out there. temperatures are beginning to cool down. we're getting down to around 50. some temperatures bordering on 48 or 49. mixed with green. it is a pretty good distribution. look how mild is in the mountains. 50 degrees right now. it has not chilled down that much. we will not be as cold as last night. the tip of the iceberg of a
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warming trend. eventually coming our way. the coldest air in eastern canada and england. readings in the 40's. in eastern canada, some readings in the 20's. 50's round here and it starts to warm up in the south. this is beginning to filter closer. tomorrow will not be warmer than today. we are seeing a spike. we get into the middle of the week. the satellite image shows cloudiness overhead. kind of thin clouds and the raid are showing some big storms in the central part of the nation. the radar and satellite combination, a strong sun -- thunderstorms. this storm in this area of kansas and missouri has the potential to produce some tornado activity. there is something going on out there. warm air colliding with cooler air up north.
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we get the strong storms. farther north, that is rain shower activity. an indication of this warmer air coming our way. this stuff slides on these. the rain chance and the warmer air. we get both. mostly clear tonight and kind of cold. northeast wind at 2 miles to 7 miles per hour. clouds and sun tomorrow. more cloudiness. maybe a sprinkle or shower. only a small chance. a 1 foot shop on the open water of the bay. the seven day forecast, a sprinkle or a rain shower possible tomorrow. most of the day will be dry if not all the day. 63 for thy back into the 70's on tuesday. a chance for thunderstorms and rain chances on wednesday. tapering off. at the end of the work -- the
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week we will be near 80. >> coaches reached out to kids in baltimore city today by participating in a sports clinic. kids ages 5-8 could choose six clinics in anything from basketball to football to gymnastics and they got to work with the coaches for 30 minutes in each clinic. some of the athletes were also helping out. >> i just saw the acc player of the year. >> what a game. >> let's talk about baseball. it was such a glorious day. the celebration happening in the ninth inning. it is worth seeing over and over. we have a perspective on today's we have a perspective on today's win
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>> one game out of 162 cannot be that big a deal.
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considering the next five series against the yankees and rays, kind of pigboa starting the double play. going seven innings. now robert andino backing up and making the play. adam jones. and a runner at second and third. pulled out after that play.
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getting one to left center. a two run double. game tied two ap iece. -- apiece. a three run shot. the final, keeping perspective. >> i take some pleasure in seeing them feel good about themselves and their mature enough to understand the challenge and how long the season is. i have been real proud of them. since the first we got down to camp. >> a series in new york starting tomorrow. the city in us against the world.
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the chip on their shoulder seems to fit. >> everybody appreciates being underappreciated. that is a great motivator. it is a great advantage. we talked about that on the phone. when it came up. i knew he would feel that way. to take -- all three of these guys should feel that way. we have -- all have something to prove. >> the caa final. doding the shot, locking the game up at five. a second of the day. raymond. and you see why she earned honors.
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the women hoist the transcended. both scared seven -- scored seven goals apiece. you can imagine what history says. other east semi today. a breakaway for sekura. the game tied. they get the game winner in early ot. earning a reprieve. there is for the flyers. flyers 4-3. nba blacks under way. -- playoff under way.
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spurs a six point lead. may be the most underrated player. as far as game one, 106-91. some not properly credentialed. looking for the win on the 16 park. that will help. a 43-footer. looking for win number 19, a birdie. a second hole playoff. putting one in the win column. taking number one status in the ranking.
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